Name: Raditz

Race: Saiyan

Appears in Episode: #1, #2, #3, #7 (flashback), #8

Raditz is an Elite Saiyan Warrior, brother to Kakarot (Goku) and son to Bardock. He escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta along with the other 6 Saiyan Survivors. He was sent to Earth at the begginging of Dragonball Z Abridged to check on Kakarot's progress on the destruction of Earth. After descovering Kakarot has not so much as killed a Space Tiger, he decides to find his brother and find out why he has not done anything to fill out his mission.

After tracking him down and finding out that his brother remembers nothing of his mission, nor his Saiyan heritage, Bitch-Slaps Krillinand steals his nephew, Gohan. Kakarot and a "Namekian that no one cares about" (Piccolo) follow him and a quick fight breaks out. After taunting Piccolo about lossing his arm after blasting it away, Raditz attacks Goku, paying no attention to Piccolo now charging up his attack. After shattering his brother's ribs, Gohan destroys Raditz's Space Pod and then rams into his uncle's Space Amour, bellowing "STOP BEATING UP MY DADDY!".

Goku then manages to get his older brother into a Full-Nesion as Piccolo fires his attack at Raditz and Goku. The attack goes straight through the pair and hits a mountain. Raditz dies from this wound seconds later as he screams "Damn you, hinesi-bleh...!"

Raditz escapes from King Yemma down in the Check-In Station by kicking him in the balls, and then ran off to Snake Way where he fell off and landing in Hell. Down in Hell he started killing people, disposing their bodies in the Blood Fountain, dissapating the water and changing the liqud inside it to blood. The Saiyan proceeded to a Plain-like area where he remained for some time. Weather he flew up onto Snake Way and found another location or the Plain-like area was still in Hell is unknown. Chances are it was still some place in Hell as Raditz didn't have enough sence to fly out of the way of Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon when he was still alive.

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